Furniture Receiving and Delivery for Your Office

no room for deliveries? we will receive and deliver office furniture right to your office space, and assemble it

Receiving and New Delivery Services for Tampa Businesses

Big shipments deserve simple solutions! Shipments come to our warehouse, then we deliver to your office.

New office furniture is not like an overnight letter – but it’s often delivered to the same place. Unfortunately, this may not occur to you until 37 new office desks show up in your reception area.

But don’t worry. Office Movers of Florida can move desks, workstations, cubicles and more to any floor or office you choose. And, we can assemble and install the office furniture as well. We take the headache out of big shipments.

We can also have shipments delivered to our warehouse here in Tampa and then we can deliver it to you. This is important for clients who have ordered big items that are delivered to offices without loading areas. Because we have loading bays for big trucks, this is simple for us.

We’ll Help You With:

  • Reception of any large items or shipments
  • Confirmation and itemization of the delivery
  • Short or longterm storage of your shipments
  • New and used furniture delivery
  • Scheduled installation, when it’s convenient for you
  • Delivery of desks, cubicles and workstations
  • Delivery of kitchen and break room appliances / outdoor furniture
  • Assembly and installation services as needed
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