Hey Tampa, Don’t Settle For Boring Office Workstations

14 Jan 2016

It’s true, when someone says “cubicle or office cube” it invokes thoughts of drab, boring, colorless workstations. The kind of office work environment that can be soul crushing.

But the reality is that today there are many options for office cube design and color styles — your Tampa office space does not have to be “boring office space.”

Trends in modular furniture, workstations and cubicles and other furniture are aimed at giving today’s working environments a more comfortable feel.

Business owners today know that in order to gain and keep employees, their office settings and environments need to be attractive, clean and inviting.

One of the results is an increase in the colors available for used office cubicles. Just take a look at what’s happening with Herman Miller, Teknion and Hon for example.

upgrade your office space in tampa

Tips for how to determine the right color choice for your office:

Don’t go extreme

All red furniture in 1983 might have been the rage, but subdued colors — or mixing bold with constrained colors is best.

Accent wall?

Sure, especially when it corresponds to your company colors or balances the overall design of your other office furniture. A coat of paint can go a long way to livening up an office space.

Work with a designer

Most local Tampa area office furniture dealers have designers on staff who can help with your design, from color choices to fabrics to space planning. Additionally, many interior designers in Tampa also are licensed to work on commercial projects. Just don’t settle on allowing the bosses wife to be the designer!

Try using accessories

You can choose accessories and lighting to inject color or styling. Mirrors. Plants. Rugs. Artwork.

There are many ways to add color and life to your office by choosing the right pieces for your business.

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