Office Furniture Liquidation, Installation and Employee Relocation for Tampa Office of New York Based Fortune 100 Company

07 Jul 2017

install 1000 cubicles in tampa, fl

It was a homerun!

During the past 12 months we had the opportunity to provide our services to a major relocation management-consulting firm. This New York based company provides consulting to many national and international firms. We were selected to help in the relocation of hundreds’ of local employees for a Fortune 100 financial institution.

1st up…

1st up to bat was a bid to remove and liquidate 2 floors of furniture in a newly acquired building. After winning the bid the challenge was to remove over one thousand workstations all during OVERTIME hours. This required the coordination to remove the product and to deliver it to recyclers to fulfill the requirement of the client to not place this entire product into landfills.

2nd up…

2nd up, a local commercial furniture dealer selected us to install 2 floors of Teknion workstations into the space we had liquidated. With the requirement to have all product-received daily and on each floor by 8 o’clock am we installed over 1,000 workstations and private offices.

Now batting third…

The number 3 hitter was now at the plate for this project. Again after a bid process the relocation management-consulting firm selected us to move employees from their client’s main campus to the new building. We successfully relocated 250 plus employees working four consecutive weekends moving on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Batting cleanup…

With the cleanup hitter up we were asked by the facility management company of the Fortune 100 financial institution to provide additional service. We proposed placing a full-time furniture service technician on the main campus. We were selected and now handle daily service calls for the 750,000 sq. ft. campus.

We covered all bases and came in with a homerun for 1 end user and 3 different clients that selected us for this project.

Ask us to go to bat for you!

How can we help your next office project be a homerun?

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