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Billable hours are valuable. Let us handle the dirty work of office moves.

The last thing busy attorneys want to do is coordinate an office move and then manage the move themselves – no one wants lift heavy boxes, desks and filing cabinets if they can avoid it!

We get a lot of calls from busy attorneys here in Tampa Bay (or their paralegals or office managers). They are very interested in minimizing “downtime” associated with an office move so they don’t lose “billable” hours. They’re also interested in making sure the move goes smoothly – nothing is lost, broken or left in worse shape than it was before the move.

The solution? Hiring Office Movers of Florida to manage the entire office move for you. Our team of movers are highly experienced. We handle all moves, from a single office to an entire building, in the most efficient and practical way possible. It’s why we’ve been entrusted to manage the moves of hundreds of relocation and installation projects. Moving offices and office furniture is what we do!

Law Firm Office Relocation and Internal Office Moves

Whether you’re moving from one part of town to another or just moving floors within the building, we can help. We handle office relocations across Tampa Bay every week. For attorneys specifically, we can move personal items, office furniture (desks, chairs, conference tables, filing systems, etc.) as well as cubicles or workstations. We can also handle the packing of fragile items including glass, awards, artwork and other valuables. We’ll even move your golf clubs!

Office Furniture Installation for Law Firms

The moving of cubicles and workstations (as well as many desks) requires a few steps. Office furniture needs to be disassembled correctly, packaged and labled, moved and then re-assembled or “installed” within the new office space. Most moving companies (especially residential movers) do not have the experience assembling and installing office furniture.

We do it correctly and quickly so that all the pieces of desks, workstations and cubes are installed correctly. Correctly means that pieces fit tightly and there is no “wobble” or movement. This is especially important in regards to the comfort and safety of your employees. logo

Offering Storage Solutions for Lawyers

On occasion, your law practice may have a need for office furniture storage solutions. Firms may expand or downsize. The office may be getting new carpet or a new paint job. Or, there may be time between leases of office space which require storage solutions.

Our warehouse off the Causeway in Tampa can store any type of office furniture. We also inventory, track and manage all items stored in our facility. Whether short term or long term storage options are needed, we can help.

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