Professional Movers or Hunky Guys?

17 Jul 2017

professional office movers in tampa bay florida

So you’ve decided to move your office space and are evaluating local Tampa office moving companies…

Whether you’re a small or large organization, you have many choices.

Should you hire just any moving company that you find online? Or should you work with a company that specializes in nothing but commercial moves?

The reality is that there are dozens of moving companies in Tampa Bay, but only a handful of firms who manage just office moves specifically.

At Office Movers of Florida, we don’t do residential moves. We don’t pack dishes or move pianos (unless they’re in someone’s office).

Our company moves office furniture and supplies — desks, chairs, cubicles, computer equipment, conference room tables — anything that might be within your office walls.

What’s the real difference between commercial movers and residential movers?

Most residential movers will say they do business moves, but the real difference is that:

They don’t know how to properly ensure your old and new office space is prepped to reduce accidents, dings, scratches, carpet rips or any other “mishaps” that lead to damage of property.

They don’t know how to properly wrap and transport computer equipment, technical equipment or delicate furniture or supplies to limit damages.

They don’t know how to dismantle or disassemble furniture systems, cubicles and workstations — move them — and then reinstall them correctly in the new location. Most office furniture is complex, with many pieces and parts that need to be properly aligned, adjusted and arranged. Training and experience are key here.

They are not trusted by local office furniture dealers. The companies who sell new and used furniture in Tampa Bay trust our teams to deliver, setup and install their furniture. They don’t work with residential movers.

Clients don’t look to residential movers for ongoing office technician services — like chair replacement parts, cleaning office cubicle partitions or providing storage options for furniture.

And really, there is much more. To learn more, please reach out today.

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