Scheduling Your Tampa Bay Area Office Relocation Right Before the Holidays?

05 Dec 2017

office relocation at christmas timeMany local Tampa area companies are motivated to move their offices prior to the holidays.

We’ve had many companies contact us recently leading up to Christmas and New Years.

Often, a move is necessitated by a lease coming to an end. The company currently in the office space has to find a new space, then relocate its employees, office furniture and equipment among other assets. When this happens during the holiday season, things can get squirrely!

Moves can become more complicated during the holidays as employees tend to take more time off. Additionally, many companies are experiencing their busiest time of the year and employers ‘just don’t have time to move’ even when they have to do it.

Naturally — the best idea is to schedule office relocations as soon as you’re able. Commercial relocation companies, especially companies like ours who manage both the move and your furniture installation, can become ‘booked’ during the time you’re looking to move — including nights and weekends — and yes, the holidays for sure.

This may result in having to hire a residential moving company who has little experience moving and setting up expensive office furniture. For many larger companies, relying on residential movers is just not an option.

However, because we know that some moves are ‘last minute’ moves — we certainly try to accommodate all moves and ensure the relocation goes smoothly. We understand that companies need to move as quickly and as efficiently as possible and with as little interruption in their day-to-day business as possible.

For more information about office moving scheduling, please contact us today.

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