Why proper furniture placement matters in your office

26 Feb 2013


A well designed workspace can make an office (and the people who work in it) more efficient – and the office itself will be a more enjoyable place to work.

Why is that?

Office layouts and furniture placement can help with…

  • creating less clutter / opening more space
  • allowing an easier ability to move around the office
  • better workflow
  • a more pleasing design

pathway office flow tampaWe often have companies ask us to develop “pathways” for moving around the office – shorter distances, less back and forth walking and convenient directions for getting from one place to another within the office.

Mapping out your office prior to an office relocation or an office redesign is important and can help you from having to move office furniture and equipment more than once.

Need help designing the workflow of your office? Call Office Movers of Florida – our ‘in-office’ visits are free – we’d love to talk with you. 813-304-2273.


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