15 FAQs About Tampa Office Moves

15 Frequently Asked Questions About Tampa Corporate Moving Services

Managing an office relocation is a big job! When a bigger company or a smaller local business is considering an office move here in Tampa Bay, the internal managers of the move often have a variety of questions. Who are those “internal managers?” – it’s the office managers, facility managers and owners of the business who are generally the decision makers. Sometimes though, it’s the person in the office who has a “reputation for getting things done!”

Office Move FAQs

The answers to those FAQs provide direction to our clients and often help them determine the specifics of the move. Having an understanding of what is involved in a move will make everyone more confident and more comfortable with the process of the move.

Relocating your Tampa based business?

Managing an office relocation is a big job. When a company is considering an office move, the internal managers of the move often have a variety of questions. The answers to those questions provide direction to our clients and often help them determine the specifics of the move. Having an understanding of what is entailed in a move will make everyone more confident and more comfortable with the process of the move.

Is your Tampa Bay area business moving, relocating or re-designing the office?

It happens every day here in the greater Tampa Bay area – companies move things around their office or move their office from one place to another. And quite often, those “things” – office furniture, equipment and supplies – are heavy things like desks, conference tables or file cabinets or they are heavy assembled pieces like cubicles, partitions and storage cabinets.

Many of our clients call us when the need professional help.
They don’t want to waste their own time trying to move. They don’t want to worry about scratching walls or ruining carpet. And the certainly don’t want to run the risk of injuring themselves of their employees. No one wants a strained back or smashed toe while moving office furniture around!

# 1 – Can you help with office relocation moves in Tampa?

Yes, we’re experts in moving your office – and everything in it – from one location to another. That might mean moving from one building to another on your property or even a move across town or even further away.

# 2 – Do you only offer relocation services in Tampa?

The majority of our clients are in the greater Tampa Bay area – from Sarasota to Lakeland, to St. Pete to the communities in North Tampa. If you’re looking to relocate your company outside of the Tampa Bay area, we can also help. We can assist you with in-state relocation services in Florida or help get you moved to another state.

# 3 – What office items do you move?

We move everything you might have in your office including the normal items like desks, chairs, workstations, cubes, file cabinets, boxes of supplies, etc. We also move the items you might not think about – break room refrigerators, patio furniture, paintings and wall art, plants, collectable or valuable items, lighting fixtures and much, much more.

# 4 – Do you help set us up at the new office?

Of course. One of the services we provide is the installation of your office equipment and furniture in the right places. We move desks into specific offices or conference tables to conference rooms. Importantly – and not all office movers provide this service – we assemble or reassemble any furniture that had to be disassembled during the move. We’ll even hang your wall art for you!

# 5 – What does office relocation cost?

Each office move is different. If you need to relocate your office, we will come out to your location and work with you to determine the specifics of the move. The cost of the move is based upon the amount of items moved, what some of those items might be, where you are relocating to and other important criteria.

# 6 – Do you provide free estimates?

Absolutely! We’re excited to learn more about your business or organization and how we can help you. Our estimates are free. They are also written and presented in a clear, itemized and easy to understand format. We want to make this part of the moving process easy on you.

# 7 – Will you work with other moving companies on a job?

Yes. If you need us to work alongside another office moving company, we can coordinate with them to ensure your move is done properly.

# 8 – Do you work weekends?

Yes. If your project requires weekend work, we can do that. In fact, many companies try to schedule their moves over a weekend so they can be up and running again on Monday morning.

# 9 – We have 300 employees. Can you handle a big job?

We’ve managed very large projects for very large companies. A large move requires attention to details and planning, both of which we’re accustomed to doing on every move.

# 10 – Do you handle internal office moves? We need to move from the 8th floor down to the 2nd floor – can you do that?

We can move your office furniture, equipment and supplies from floor to floor, office to office or building to building.

# 11 – Do you offer Installation Services – will you set up or disassemble or reassemble furniture and equipment?

Yes. We break down, pack, move, install and assemble on just about every move. If you need to move cubicle partitions, we can do that and will assemble and reinstall them where needed. We have years of professional office furniture installation experience working with every major furniture brand and company.

Unlike most moving companies, we provide this service so that your furniture is assembled correctly and safely – no missing pieces, no wobbly parts. We understand that your office furniture is an investment and you want to get as many quality years out of the furniture as you can. Correct assembly of desks, tables, partitions and cubicles is a guaranteed way to extend the life of your office furniture and equipment.

# 12 – The carpet installers are coming – can you move furniture and then move it back?

We can coordinate with carpet installers, painters, interior designers, IT professionals and anyone else who might be working within your office and might possibly require that you move furniture around.

# 13 – Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, yes and yes. We’ve been moving and installing furniture for years here in Tampa for hundreds of companies – many of whom are repeat customers. We’re happy to go over this information with you in person or over the telephone.

# 14 – Do you offer storage services, short or long-term storage?

Yes. Many of our clients need storage options when moving or re-designing our space. Our Tampa location can store and manage your office furniture and equipment for however long you need. Our facility is large and well maintained. We’ll even take you on a tour if you’d like!

# 15 – Why do businesses need to relocate to a new space or move items around their office?

  • They need more space, better amenities or a better location for their services or customers

  • A lease has ended or rates have become higher than the office value

  • Addition or subtraction of employees

  • Employees or departments moving to a new area

  • Expansion into another part of the building

  • Office redesigns

  • Carpet cleaning or installation of new carpet

  • Painting of offices

Have more questions about your next move?

The support and sales staff at Office Movers of Florida talks to local companies all of the time. We can answer any question you may have and can clarify any aspect of your move or our services as needed.

“Please call – we’d enjoy speaking with you!”Trent Portner, owner of Office Movers of Florida

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