Furniture Repair

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We Repair, Fix, Clean and Service Office Furniture in Tampa Bay

Your office furniture is an investment. Let’s take care of it!

Is your desk missing pieces? Are your office cubes uneven, broken or dirty? Do you have drawers that don’t open or office chairs that can’t be height adjusted? We can help!

Because our team of movers has advanced training as both commercial furniture movers and office furniture installers, we’re accustomed to providing a variety of repair, restoration and maintenance services for your office furniture. This is a service that most moving companies either don’t provide – or don’t do correctly.

Our Office Furniture Repair Teams Will:

  • Service most brands of office furniture
  • Provide routine on-site maintenance
  • Reconfigure & recondition office cubes
  • Fix walls and partitions of cubes
  • Floor plan reconfiguration
  • Clean cubicle panel and fabric
  • Offer specialty installations (shelving, artwork, fixtures, electronics, wall hangings…everything)
  • Go green with office furniture recycling and/or disposal
  • Offer archival services
  • Disassemble, relocate, reassemble and install all furniture, workstations and equipment correctly
  • Much, much more!

We provide furniture installation services for Tampa area businesses regardless of whether it’s provided as part of an office move – or whether it’s an install project only.

Where Do We Provide Our Office Repair Services?

Office Movers of Florida helps businesses repair all types of office furniture. From Clearwater and St. Pete, througout greater Tampa Bay, Brandon, Plant City and Lakeland. We also service Bradenton and Sarasota.

How Can We Help? | 813-304-2273

Many companies need furniture and equipment repair services from time to time. Most companies want to “get as much life as they can” from their office furniture. Often, the cost of repairing office furniture is much less than sourcing and buying new furniture.Our goal is “No missing pieces, no wobbly parts!”

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