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move, assemble and installation company for modular office furniture in tampa florida offices

We install modular furniture in Tampa offices

Whether you call it modular furniture, systems furniture or something else…we can manage your project efficiently!

Need help putting together your workstations and cubicles? Whether you call them cubicles, office cubes, workstations or modular furniture, Office Movers of Florida can manage the installation for you.

Not only do our office furniture installers have years of experience putting together office furniture, they’ve also been specifically trained to work on all major brands of office furniture including HON, Haworth, Knoll, Herman Miller, Allsteel and many others.

Because of this, we can save you time, money…and yes…the frustration involved in trying to have your own employees install the cubes, desks and wall panels that make up most office workspaces.

And no matter where your business in located within Tampa Bay (from St. Pete to Lakeland and Clearwater to Sarasota), our installers are ready to help.

Assembly, Setup and Installation for Cubes

Proper installation of office furniture and equipment isn’t just about making pieces fit together. It’s about helping create a ‘working environment’ that’s comfortable and invigorating, especially if it’s where your employees will be 8-10 hours a day.

Our installers can help with:

  • Receiving and delivery of furniture, either at your location or our Tampa warehouse
  • Unpacking furniture boxes, then removing boxes and trash
  • Ensuring all pieces and parts have been delivered and delivered without damage
  • Disassembling, storing and relocating furniture if you’re moving offices
  • Correctly assembling furniture and moving it into place
  • Repairing and fixing used or old cubicles, desks and workstations
  • Safe installation – no missing pieces, no wobbly parts
  • Furniture liquidation and environmental disposal

Unlike many commercial moving companies, our teams are trained to manage office moves and office furniture installation projects. We do that because it’s what our clients expect…and more importantly, it’s what they need in order to ‘get back to work.’

We also focus on ensuring that all installs are done safely and correctly. That means wall panels are sturdily secured, cubicles are not wobbly and shelving systems won’t come crashing down.

What is modular furniture?

Very simply, modular furniture or systems furniture, is furniture which can be configured (and reconfigured) according to the needs of the company and the space of the room in which it’s placed.

Pieces of furniture — workstations, wall panels, storage units, etc. — are relatively easy to install, move around, dismantle and reinstall.

Modular furniture systems are sold by most office furniture dealers in Tampa, St. Pete and Sarasota. And most office furniture brands — Haworth, Herman Miller, etc. — feature modular options.

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