Common Internal Move Questions

Here are some common questions we’re asked about internal office moves:

We’re your local resource ALL office moving questions!

What equipment or furniture will you move?
Very simply, we move everything. From desks to chairs, from audio visual equipment to the 2,000 pound mahogany conference table, we move it all.

Can we call you to move just one desk?
Of course. We can manage small projects just as easily as we can manage the big projects. Call us if you need just one desk moved!

We have 300 employees – can you handle a big job?
We’ve managed very large projects for very large companies. A large move requires attention to details and planning, both of which we’re accustomed to doing on every move.

Will you set up or assemble furniture and equipment?
Yes. We break down, pack, move, install and assemble on just about every move. If you need to move cubicle partitions, we can do that and will assemble and reinstall them where needed.

We have 3 new employees starting on Monday – can you work over the weekend?
Yes. Our mission is to help you move items in your office. If you need the work done over a weekend, we can help.

We need to move from the 8th floor down to the 2nd floor – can you do that?
We can move your office furniture, equipment and supplies from floor to floor, office to office or building to building.

The carpet installers are coming – can you move furniture and then move it back?
We can coordinate with carpet installers, painters, interior designers, IT professionals and anyone else who might be working within your office and might possibly require that you move furniture around.

Moving between offices, floors or buildings? Call us at 813-304-2273.

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