3 Questions and Answers About Storing Office Furniture in Tampa

18 Dec 2014

office furniture storage in tampa bay

Answers to Tampa office furniture storage FAQ’s:

With over 16,000 square feet of warehouse space, long and short term storage solutions are a key service that we provide for our clients.

Some clients use our warehouse to store office furniture and equipment when they move, expand, downsize or renovate their space.

Other clients use the warehouse as a delivery point for new furniture they’ve ordered. Because they don’t have the ability to receive big shipments (like furniture) at their office, they have it sent here. From here, we’ll confirm the delivery, then deliver to their office at their convenience!

1 – Why would I need storage solutions for my office move?

Many companies take the opportunity to renovate their current office or new office space during a move. This might include painting, carpet installation or office redesigns.

It doesn’t make sense to have furniture in the office while this is going on, so will store your furniture until your office space is ready. We’ll then deliver your furniture and install it in it’s proper location, from desk set up to cubicle installation, we have you covered.

2 – Can you handle storage for a big office move?

Absolutely! We have thousands of square feet of storage space in our facility. We can store whatever office furniture needs to be stored and for as long as it needs to be stored.

We’re centrally located in Tampa, (right off the Causeway). We can deliver to office locations throughout greater Tampa Bay…and beyond…and we do, from up into Pasco county and down into Sarasota and over to Orlando. And yes, across the entire state.

3 – How do you get office furniture into your warehouse?

Our movers will safely and correctly pack up and move furniture and equipment from your office to our moving trucks.

From there, the trucks pull up at our truck bays which makes it easy to take your furniture from the truck and store it within the facility (whether by hand or with a forklift). All items are tracked and managed as part of our warehousing services.

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