Better Office Chairs Can Promote Better Office Health

13 Jan 2016

Office Movers of Florida fully understands that the right office chair or desk chair can promotes “better office health” — healthier sitting posture, ergonomic fit, etc.

The right chair can help increase your employee’s comfort and productivity. It can also help reduce the risk of unwanted and unnecessary workers comp claims (yes, a good office chair can do that).



Imagine a 300 person call center with hundreds of chairs, all in various states of age, wear and comfort. Imagine those employees sitting for 6-8 hours per day in those chairs. A poorly designed chair can eventually exacerbate back and knees issues.

While it would be wonderful to provide 300 Herman Miller chairs with leather and luxurious padding, that’s not a reality for most companies in Tampa.

However, other office furniture companies offer chairs that are perfectly suitable and wonderfully comfortable. Local Tampa area office furniture dealers like Freedman’s or Office Furniture Center of Tampa can help your company choose the best chair for your employees and your office setting.

Because we also understand that not all body types are the same…we know that one size does not fit all. At Office Movers of Florida, we can actually send out our Office Wingman team to repair broken chairs, elevate chairs properly, fix wobbly arm rests, fix coasters that don’t roll well….and much more. Learn more about our Office Wingman options here.

Within an hour or two, your old chairs can “feel like new again” for you and your employees. That’s a nice little gift to give!

Learn more about our Tampa office chair repair services

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