Cubicle Basics for Tampa Area Businesses

15 Jul 2015
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Image from Devon Office Furniture

Image courtesy of Devon Office Furniture:

How well do you know your office cube?

Whether you call it a cube, cubicle or workstation, the basic set up you see above is ubiquitous within office spaces here in Tampa…and well…just about anywhere work gets done.

So, here’s a look at the basic components of an office cubicle. Yes, they actually have names!

That’s helpful for guys like us who install, fix and maintain cubicles around Tampa Bay. It makes our job easier of course and certainly makes ordering parts to fix a cube a lot more simple

Workstation Pieces

Half Height Shelf: Good for storage of smaller items.

Fabric Covered Stackers: Give you more privacy.

Glass Stackers: Gives less privacy in your cube, while allowing for a viewing and lighting.

Connectors: Allow you add extra pieces or upgrades to your cube while also offering support.

Full Height Shelf: This shelf offers extra, open storage. Great for things that you need to grab quickly.

Task Lighting: This is an upgrade on most workstations, but can be handy when the office asks to you stay late working on TPS Reports.

Binder Bin: Binder bins just offer more storage over and above the filing areas. Some come with locks, some don’t.

Support: Cubicles don’t stay together with “magic.” Throughout a cubicle, there are support pieces that keep everything together, stable and safe. Maintaining these over a period of time is essential to keeping your cube going strong for years.

2-Drawer Lateral File: This is the filing cabinet that either allow for extra long file folders or two rows of standard file folders.

Filing: This is where those important files go. You know, the Penske File!

Box File: This is where you store everything else. Stapler, extra pens, box of snacks, etc.

Electric: That’s where all the messy wires and cords go for your phone, computer, etc.

Kick Plates and Metal Bases: These pieces protect the bottoms of your cube from your shoes hitting the bottom areas of the cube. They also offer additional support to the cube.

Finished Ends: They offer support while also making the workstation look nicer.

Tack Boards: Give the opportunity to “tack” things up – notes, business cards, shopping lists, pics of kids…whatever!

Want to know more about Office Cubes?

Office Movers of Florida should be able to answer just about any question you have related of workstations and cubicles, especially as it relates to assembly, repair or relocation of them.

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