Looking for Dunedin Office Movers to Help Your Company With Relocation?

03 Dec 2017

dunedin commercial movers

Is your Dunedin area small businesses looking to relocate to another office (or just move furniture within your current workspace)?

Office Movers of Florida can help.

We work with smaller companies as well as very large ones to manage the entire commercial moving process for them. That means we not only move all your furniture from one place to another, but our teams of installers assemble and install all of your furniture for you as well.

We move:

– Desks and chairs

– Cubicles and workstations

– Meeting room furniture and conference tables

– Reception area furniture

– Breakroom furniture

Specialized equipment, audio/video, computers and more.

Our teams don’t move residential homes. Our entire business is based around working directly with businesses. One main reason for this is that office furniture is an expensive investment for most Dunedin companies. The way that it’s moved and assembled can easily have impact on its lifetime value.

This is very important for companies who are renting office furniture, just purchased new furniture or who are wanting to protect the value of their furniture investment.

Ready to Get Started on Your Move?

Please call Office Movers of Florida at 813-304-2273 for more information.


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