Best Commercial Furniture Installers for Rocky Point Offices

10 Aug 2017

rocky point

As you leave Tampa and head to Safety Harbor or Clearwater on the Courtney Campbell bridge, you’ll pass the area of Tampa called Rocky Point.

There are some beautiful homes and condos here, as well as many restaurants.

But there are also a good number of large companies with office spaces here — and many smaller companies too.

It’s not unusual to find our Office Movers of Florida employees working with Rocky Point businesses on office furniture installation projects. Whether these companies are moving in or moving out of office locations, they typically need more than just moving services — they need help with the assembly, setup and installation of their furniture.

For business owners and decision makers who are not familiar with the term ‘installation’ it refers to the actual putting together of individual desks, chairs or cubicles — or entire furniture systems. Furniture systems could be multiple cubicles or workstations that are free-standing or connected. It might refer to furniture suites or furniture sets. For example, in an executive’s office, they might have a main desk, a right hand return with shelves or storage and a large matching file cabinet – all connected together.

Some installation projects are complex and require the efforts of trained, professional installers who have the experience of putting together 15 cubicles with matching walls, partitions, shelving, storage and other accessories. Quite often, projects like this will require the assembly of multiple pieces that have to be put together in the correct order with the correct tools.

Our installers have worked in hundreds of office spaces over the years. Can we help you with yours?

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