Tampa Businesses Look to Rebound After Irma

13 Sep 2017

irma hurricane tampa

Tampa Bay, Central Florida and the entire state of Florida took a big hit from Hurricane Irma.

Some businesses were able to bounce back almost immediately, while others are still evaluating how they begin to rebuild and restart.

For many, restoration efforts will take weeks or months as they seek some sort of normalcy.

From a purely commercial real estate and related services perspective, we imagine hundreds – if not thousands – of businesses, office space and commercial buildings will be affected. Business owners and property owners will need to decide ‘what to keep’ and what to throw away — office furniture, office furnishings, carpeting, outdoor furniture and much more.

Some of that furniture could be reused, while most will likely be headed toward dumps. The influx of new furniture over the next few month will likely increase as businesses make claims and receive new inventory.

We hope that the recovery for our clients is quick and will be ready to service other companies across the region who will need a helping hand.

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