Where To Buy HON Furniture in Tampa Bay?

01 Oct 2015
where to buy hon furniture in tampa florida

Abound Workstation by HON Furniture. Image: HON.com

HON Furniture for Your Tampa Office Space

HON Furniture is a well-known brand in the office world. It’s reputation with employees working 9 to 5 in offices throughout Tampa Bay is solid.

And that’s based on HON’s approach with its furniture – “greater flexibility, higher quality and smarter technology for high-performance workspaces.”

We know HON

At Office Movers of Florida, we know HON furniture…intimately! We move it.

We disassemble it before office relocations and we re-assemble, set up and install the furniture in our clients new offices. Our movers and installers are specially trained and experienced with all lines of HON furniture. Our clients tell us they really like the furniture lines – and that’s important feedback.

So, where can you find HON Furniture in Tampa Bay?

Looking to buy HON workstations, desks, chairs and tables? Take it from us, they are a great investment. They’re comfortable and are built to last (perhaps longer than most of your employee)!

For used HON Furniture — try Office Furniture 911.

For new furniture, here are some local dealers for you to contact:

HON Ignition Desk Chair. Image: HON.com

HON Ignition Desk Chair. Image: HON.com

Make the right choice with your office furniture

We talk to many employees and business owners who spend a lot of time sitting in their chair and perched at their desk. Choosing the right furniture for your needs is pretty important when you spend so much time with it. You’re looking for comfort, durability functionality and design.

So, shop around. Talk to furniture dealers. Go sit in a variety of chairs. List out your furniture requirements. And understand how that furniture will work in your space. HON might be the best choice. If so, now you have the information to go and make some decisions.


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